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Che Massimo Sola – Unico Lab Cuisine


“After 38 years of a broad-ranging international experience in the fine dining industry, I have developed a novel concept for a demanding clientele that is open to new trends, very aware and responsive to the quality of products and above all, one that embellishes simple and genuine food, either in a restaurant or home setting.

With this insight, I have created a unique brand that personifies me: UNICO”

– Chef Massimo Sola

Meet the Chef.

“I am a professional Chef with more than 38 years of experience in the culinary world, all over many Countries. I am actually based in Secaucus-NJ where I manage my own company with my business partner Matteo, another accomplished gourmet Italian chef. In Italy I have been working in my restaurant for 17 years where I was awarded of my first MICHELIN STAR in 2007; I have also been executive chef in the best Kosher restaurant in the NY area. I am really fond of fine dining and high end food.”


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